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Enzaide is the brand of CTC Group Global, focusing on applications of biological catalysts known as enzymes. We offer innovative and tailor-made solutions with huge market potential to address the needs of different industries.

The approaches and innovations we set forth for our customers help them achieve objectives relating to cost savings, product quality, process efficiency, and environmental care. In everything that we do, we create value for you.


Our Enzyme Solutions

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For Beauty & Personal care

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For Food & Beverage

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For Solid & Wastewater treatment

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For Clothes & Denim

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For Agriculture

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Single Enzyme

Why Choose Enzaide?

Cost Effective

- No costly equipment is needed.
- Enzymes are recyclable in a system.
- Less man-hour consumption.
- Less energy consumption.

Ease of Use

- Transfer of knowledge in proper handling of enzymes is easy.

- Just mix and apply.

Certified Safe

- All-natural microorganism source.
- Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS)
- Non – GMO
- Non – toxic, non – corrosive, and safe to use compared to chemical oxidizers.
- No impending danger to employees
- No side effects

Environment Friendly

- Converts harmful pollutants to naturally occurring substances like oxygen, N2, CO2, and water.

- No by-products.

Good Company Image

- It strengthens good company image for your current and potential clients and stakeholders.
- Promotes better environment for you and your employees.
- Encourages brand patronage for consumers.
- Encourages employee engagement.
- Helps in compliance with government laws.

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