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From vitamins and minerals to functional health ingredients.

Health and wellness are among the top priorities of consumers nowadays. As your trusted partner in health and nutrition, we are committed to helping your brand create value for your consumers by providing innovative ingredient solutions. Spanning different health categories, our portfolio offers a wide array of ingredients that can help your brand launch a product that will resonate well with your customers’ needs.

Our Services at a Glance

 Creating value with our solutions.

As a supplier of vitamins, minerals, and functional health ingredients, our Health and Nutritional segment can provide solutions for your product development needs ranging from over-the-counter (OTC) supplements to functional foods and beverages. Aside from the innovative features of these ingredients, they also offer benefits that can help your brand stand out in the nutraceutical market.


 Sustainability is non-negotiable.

With consumers becoming more environmentally conscious in their purchases, sustainability is becoming a plus factor for brands. Whether through responsible sourcing to avoid depleting wild stocks or through upcycling to reduce waste, what you get from us are ingredients that are not sourced at the expense of our planet.


 All-natural, nothing less.

The number of consumers seeking natural-based products is increasing and is expected to grow even more in the coming years. We recognize this trend as a consumer essential that needs to be satisfied in the nutraceutical segment. Our offerings are all naturally sourced, allowing you to tap into this growing market.


 Science is in our business.

Consumers are constantly looking for products that offer them the most value. Helping you provide safe and effective products is among our top priorities. We subject the supportive preclinical and clinical studies of our ingredients to a rigorous review to make sure that you only get solutions rooted in science.


 Partnership for your success.

Our business with you doesn’t end with delivering the product to your doorstep. Together with our partner suppliers, we offer support throughout your product development, either through technical service or knowledge sharing. Whether it’s about sourcing ingredients or assisting in product development, we are with you every step of the way.


Our ingredients

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Brain Health
Consumers are becoming more aware that overall health also involves good mental wellness.
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Gut Health
Gut health has been recognized as having a fundamental role in an individual’s overall wellness.
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Cardio Health
Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) continue to be the leading cause of death in the Philippines (even during the pandemic).
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Immune Health
It goes without saying that immune health has become the primary health concern in recent years due to the COVID-19 crisis.
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Bone Health
Bone and joint health is one of the most common concerns among seniors. A good health foundation for the bones and joints is better than a cure.
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Vitamin and Mineral
We also provide ingredients for basic nutritional needs through our selection of vitamins and minerals in different grades and concentrations.

Our ingredients,
your brand’s success.

Every brand has a story to tell. And as your trusted partner in developing health and nutrition products, we are committed to making sure that your brand’s success is the culmination of that story. Whether it’s a food supplement or a functional food that you want to formulate, we have the ingredients that will make your products a success.



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